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*If you need immediate assistance from CALM, dial x4349.

*If it's an emergency situation, dial 911 or x3333 for Campus Police.

Co-chair: Lauren Folloni, LCSW – Director of Advising and Counseling
OfficeGrossman Commons, 203C
Phone (external)774.330.4528
Phone (internal)x4528
Co-chair: Maura Weir – Coordinator of Recovery and Wellness
OfficeGrossman Commons, Room 206A
Phone (external)774.330.4550
Phone (internal)x4550
Heather Bish-Martin – Director, Project Forward
OfficeMM Wilkens 206
Phone (external)774.330.4414
Phone (internal)x4414
Katie Downer – Veterans Advisor/Counselor
OfficeWilkens Library 201
Phone (external)774.330.4478
Phone (internal)x4478
Paul Alexander – Associate Vice President of Human Resources
OfficeNickerson 106
Phone (external)774.330.4307
Phone (internal)x4307
Rachael Bancroft – Professor of Language & Literature
OfficeMM Wilkens Hall, Room 236
Phone (external)774.330.4553
Phone (internal)x4553
Christine McCarey – Dean of Enrollment Management and Advising Services
OfficeGrossman Commons 201
Phone (external)774.330.4315
Phone (internal)x4315
Tracy Morin – Coordinator of Campus Engagement and Wellness
OfficeLife Fitness Center, LFC 113
Phone (external)774.330.4680
Phone (internal)x4680
Maria Padilla – Chief of Campus Police
OfficeGrossman Commons, C6
Phone (external)774.330.4866
Phone (internal)x4866
Diana Potter – Administrative Assistant
OfficePlymouth airport
Phone (external)508.375.5050
Phone (internal)x5050
Doug Terry – Cordinator of O'Neill Center for Disability Services
OfficeMM Wilkens Hall, room 222
Phone (external)774.330.4337
Phone (internal)x4337
David Ziemba – Dean of Learning Resources and Student Success
OfficeMM Wilkens Hall, room 216A
Phone (external)774.330.4345
Phone (internal)x4345


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